Defragmentation within the European Commission

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Defragmentation within the European Commission

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Karl Heinz LEITNER, Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), MIoIR

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We will have more strong national countries within Europe and less power from the Commission, which would have many impacts on the European Research Area, innovation policy etc. We will have a Europe at two speeds – some countries that are speeding up and doing well and others doing less well. That is all related to the future of Europe and a common European Union. You could also see more political problems, debates within Europe on the political agenda and harmonization process. Probably some countries will leave the European Union. They could say that the cost benefit and what they gain are not worth the opportunities and risks. The original idea of the European Research Area will be on ice, as well as how markets are regulated and the common market. That is what I could envisage at the political level.

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