Slow Logistics

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Slow Logistics

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Johannes WARTH, ZWE – Centre for European Economic Research, Interviewed by Z_PUNKT

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Today, services in logistics are strongly characterized by a high importance placed on the time aspect. Current economic processes demand “just-in-time” delivery of the right goods in the right place, both in business-to-consumer and business-to-business markets. Contrary to this concept, in slow logistics the relevance of time is strongly decreasing. For example: after having ordered a certain good, this good remains in the storage or warehouse until a certain amount of goods can be loaded onto a single truck. The idea is to avoid environmentally detrimental empty runs, as in fully loaded trucks, CO2-emissions per single good decrease. This concept is more likely in B2C-markets than in B2B-markets, as private consumers are willing to wait longer for a delivery, in order to reduce environmental costs caused by transportation.

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