Dr Robert Johnston

United Kingdom Technology Manager (BAE Systems)
My R&T interests include System Engineering, application of mathematics, data fusion, and decision support and system integration. While at GEC Hirst Research Centre I also participated in and led research on High-Temperature Superconductivity, control theory, communications, intelligent systems and Vacuum Microelectronics. Earlier I worked in research on mathematical physics for ten years in the UK, France, Switzerland and Germany. The research included classical and quantum wave propagation in stochastic media and the theory of quantum electronic properties of materials. SpecialtiesTechnology planning and strategy. Research Managment and leadership
Language(s): English, French, German

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Mini CV
  • Technology, DIT&S at BAE Systems
  •  R&T at BAE Systems
  • Head of Systems at AMS
  • Assistant Technical Director at GEC Marconi Ltd
  • Research Consultant at GEC plc
  • Scientist at PTB - Germany
  • Assitant Premier - Physique at EPFL
Basic information
Most prominent role :
Manager in private business
Education qualification :
Languages :
English, French, German
Primary Work information
Type of employer :
Commercial organisation (including consultancy) more than 250 employees
Employer :
BAE Systems
Location :
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Position :
Technology Manager
Main activities :
Administrative, Research, Outreach
Research information
Interest in Cooperative research related to :
• ICT - Information & communication technologies
• Energy
• Transport (including aeronautics)
• Space
• Security
Interest in Individual research related to :
• Physical Sciences & Engineering
• Social Sciences & Humanities
• Interdisciplinary
Interest in Capacity building research related to :
• Infrastructures
• Science and society
• Cooperation
• SMEs
Interest in Individual capacity building such as... :
• Research mobility and career development
Interest in JRC thematic priorities such as :
• Prosperity in a knowledge intensive society
• Solidarity and the responsible management of resources
• Security and freedom
Type of research :
• Applied in a commercial context
• Focused on a general area of commercial interest to business and/or industry
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