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Consulting, managing director z_punkt
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Masters degree
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  • New Urban Health Management

    New Urban Health Management

    Big cities and urban areas work on new types of health care management, such as disease management and care/treatment management. They actively intervene in public health and thus in national competencies. This particularly aff...

  • Europe-Wide Traffic-Control System for Individual Transport

    Europe-Wide Traffic-Control System for Individual Transport

    A digital communication network seemlessly integrates traffic information and creates an efficient, accident-avoiding transportation system in Europe, particularly in transboundary agglomeration areas; traffic jams are avoided....

  • Robo Sapiens

    Robo Sapiens

    Quantum leaps in artificial intelligence and cognitives sciences result in a new species: The Robo Sapiens. The species develops self-awareness and intelligence equal to that of humans. It is acknowledged and receives human rights.

  • Autonomous Passenger Aircrafts

    Autonomous Passenger Aircrafts

    All airlines worldwide introduce autonomous passenger aircrafts that fly completely via autopilot and do not have a pilot on board anymore. Automated services furthermore replace flight attendants. This development might be, fo...

  • Saving Plans for a New Organ

    Saving Plans for a New Organ

    A Medi-Bank has been established. In this bank, individuals can invest money for future medical treatments. A client could for example, invest in a particular savings plan for spare organs in case of an illness or accident.

  • International Cross-Linked Medical Database

    International Cross-Linked Medical Database

    An efficient collecting and sharing of medical data, i.e. of research projects and results, in common data bases is increasingly practised and might lead to one international, comprehensive and fully cross-linked database.

  • Hazardous Aviation

    Hazardous Aviation

    Through enhanced materials and coordination techniques flights are conducted without anxiety even in the worst flying conditions. In conjunction with innovative condition-based maintenance surveillance technologies, which do no...

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  • First Side Effects of Nanotechnology-Based Consumer Products

    First Side Effects of Nanotechnology-Based Consumer Products

    The number of cosmetical and medical products as well as food, that incorporate nanotechnology is rising daily. Risks and side affects of products cannot be foreseen yet; nevertheless, some side effects have already been seen i...

  • Increasing Migration Due To Climate Change

    Increasing Migration Due To Climate Change

    Extreme weather phenomena such as hurricanes, storm floods or droughts are already causing migration, especially in parts of Africa and Asia (e.g. in India about 4 mio. people leave their homes temporarily every year). Besides ...

  • Price Decline in Decoding the Human Genome

    Price Decline in Decoding the Human Genome

    The complete decoding of the human genome has been realised, but the procedure is still rather costly. Nevertheless, it is only a matter of time until techniques of decoding the human genome have become fast, cheap and therefor...

  • Personalised Medicine

    Personalised Medicine

    Research on personalised medicince promises earlier intervention and even prevention of diseases, an improved diagnosis and more efficient drug therapy when treating diseases. It is inter alia based on the results of mapping th...

  • Continuous Descent Approach

    Continuous Descent Approach

    Non-stop final descents of aircrafts are usually interfered by the large number of aircrafts in the airspace being guided by few beacons located in the runway. First tests show that the additional application of virtual GPS-bea...

  • Improvements in Personal Sensory Device Interfaces

    Improvements in Personal Sensory Device Interfaces

    Neuromorphic engineering develops personal sensory device interfaces that promise to enhance human senses such as hearing and vision and to improve communication through providing information to people about their environment.

  • Total Airport Management

    Total Airport Management

    Integration of all - so far decoupled - air transport systems such as systems for traffic management, runway lightning control, baggage handling, passenger check-in and flight information display. The airport can be run by a ce...

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