Mr Robin Beecroft

United Kingdom Project Implementation Director (Searchlighter)
With 20 years in several branches of the publishing industry, fourteen of which being in academic and scholarly communication, Robin has worked internationally and managed small teams in the workplace. Recently, he has worked directly with project management specialists and research professionals, and is currently managing a monitoring and evaluation process for a project in an EU Programme. Robin set up Searchlighter towards the end of 2008.
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Robin set up Searchlighter towards the end of 2008. He works at Searchlighter on project implementation in a collaborative and international context, broadly focusing on cross-sector innovation, economic development, social cohesion, research communications, knowledge transfer and information access. His goal in 2012 is to continue Searchlighter's development so it is able to effect the evolution of project-based programmes toward the pursuit of project outcomes as key indicators of achievement regarding social or economic change for sustainable innovation.

His specialisms include monitoring and evaluation, behavioural change, information management, transnational cooperation, policy development, innovation transfer, higher education, vocational training, research ethics, and research dissemination.

His approach to monitoring and evaluation (M&E) – when possible – is to develop the strategy so that when M&E eventually takes place during the project its implementation is secured in line with the implementation of the whole project. While this is less important for evaluation, it is especially valuable for monitoring. He puts a high degree of emphasis on monitoring so that there can be regular feedback given to the project coordinators and there is evidence should there be any need to negotiate adaptation of the plan with the agency at a European or national level.

Apart from his current responsibilities leading the work package that covers Monitoring and Evaluation in RENOVA, his past work has included a project for the Research Information Network (RIN), founded on stakeholders in scholarly communications reflecting on and adhering to a set of common principles set out in RIN’s 2007 report. The project identified these principles for the community to develop their role in the process of policy development, as well as the process as a whole. Through this, Searchlighter gained experience in the development of policy as a project outcome, bringing specialist knowledge in high-quality evaluation, recognition of origination, and sound dissemination techniques.

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Searchlighter is an independent limited company that has operated as an enterprise since December 2008 and as a registered legal entity since March 2010. It has one full-time member of staff with links to other skilled staff through several networks in the UK and the rest of Europe. Affiliations are informal as Searchlighter is independent to maintain its capacity to fulfil effective monitoring and evaluation without favour.

Searchlighter is working chiefly in project implementation – facilitating planning, process, monitoring & evaluation, and knowledge transfer. They supply a range of professional and project management services applicable within different collaborative frameworks and vocational training environments. The organisation works across many UK, European and Development Programmes for consultative coordination, enhanced monitoring and relevant evaluation within projects.

Searchlighter stands by its vision for an innovative and sustainable environment with a robust capacity to deal with change through a dynamic cohesion. The key mission is to enact plans so they bring about discernible outcomes that stimulate and support positive change within the sphere of influence.
Searchlighter is currently leading a Work Package on monitoring and evaluation in RENOVA, a Leonardo Transfer of Innovation project, as well as assisting the Lead Partner in the coordination of the project. The consortium gathers partners from four different EU countries – Romania, Poland, UK and France – bringing different economic and cultural experiences that balance the RENOVA objectives.

The aim of this Transfer of Innovation (TOI) Action is to support improvements in both quality and innovation in Vocational and Educational Training (VET) systems and practices, and to enhance the mobility of staff for the benefit of health organisations and their personnel. To this end, the project supports experienced nursing staff in acquiring skills and qualifications natural to their professional development into health management.

RENOVA is committed to develop professional skills among nursing staff accordingly to labour market needs as set out in the ‘New Skills for New Jobs‘ directive.

Options for project implementation are assessed for the most appropriate means to support these objectives. The mission for a Searchlighter project is to inspire insightful developments in line with the aims of the project beyond its lifetime by ensuring respect for origination, open publication of outcomes, and broad dissemination. We also address options for resource application that will facilitate innovation and human capital development through sound practice in research communication and vocational e-learning.

Searchlighter attended the OPEN DAYS conference for Regions and Cities in Brussels during October 2011. This covered the application of Cohesion Policy as a means to meeting Europe 2020 targets. The issues being dealt with by this project such as those in line with New Skills for New Jobs and environmental sustainability relate directly to cohesion as it is being presented by the European Commission at this stage in its development.

Searchlighter is also a member of the 'Innovation for Sustainability’ Group within the UK's Technology Strategy Board's site <>. While this covers many issues facing environments, economies, and societies in the 21st century, the subject areas being considered by this project clearly affect these ever-changing challenges with which Searchlighter is currently engaged.

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Researcher in private business
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Masters degree
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Commercial organisation (including consultancy) fewer than 250 employees
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United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Project Implementation Director
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Research information
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• Socio-economic Sciences and the Humanities
• Environment (including Climate Change)
• Energy
• ICT - Information & communication technologies
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• Interdisciplinary
• Social Sciences & Humanities
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• SMEs
• Cooperation
• Science and society
• Regions
• Infrastructures
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• Research mobility and career development
Interest in JRC thematic priorities such as :
• Europe as a world partner
• Security and freedom
• Solidarity and the responsible management of resources
• Prosperity in a knowledge intensive society
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• Relevant for national/regional non-commercial external organisations (including the public sector)
• Relevant for intergovernmental non-commercial external organisations (e.g. European Union, United Nations, OECD)
• Focused on a general area of commercial interest to business and/or industry
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