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The trend of establishing Technology Parks in developing countries is associated with the third generation, the economic process and technological development in emerging countries, which means to set up a Tech Park where there are already universities, industrial conglomerates and all the support and infrastructure.

In Brazil this is how the establishment of Tech Parks occurs - in developed cities that have universities, large enterprises, such as power plants, industrial complexes and resources. Thus, the tendency of poor municipalities is to disappear.

The article aims to show the importance of establishing Technology Parks in poor municipalities, using the Ribeirão Branco case, a poor region in the Southwest of the São Paulo state, identified during the prospective process. The bureaucratic procedure to establish a technology park in a poor municipality is the same as in rich ones. However, public policies should encourage and provide resources for Tech Parks in poor regions.

 Authors: Antônio Luís Aulicino and Liége Mariel Petroni

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