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In the Budget, the Chancellor pledged to make the tough choices that will allow us to maintain investment in new and existing infrastructure which will support a growing economy, while eliminating the structural deficit over the lifetime of the Parliament.

By cutting waste and taking hard decisions about priorities, the Government has been able to secure the investment in vital transport infrastructure that will support the national economic recovery and secure our prosperity in the future.

Our vision is for a transport system that is an engine for economic growth but one that is also greener and safer and improves quality of life in our communities. By improving the links that move goods and people around, and by targeting investment in new projects that promote green growth, we can help to build the balanced, dynamic low carbon economy that is essential for our future prosperity.

This White Paper forms part of our overall strategy to tackle carbon emissions from transport. It sets out what Government believes is the best way in the short term to reduce emissions at the local level, using the tools that are available to us now, principally by encouraging people to make more sustainable travel choices for shorter journeys. This White Paper is about providing the early reduction in carbon emissions that local action is best placed to deliver, while facilitating the access to local jobs that will boost economic growth.

The Government is convinced that in the longer term, progressive electrification of the passenger car fleet will play an important role in decarbonising transport, supported by policies to increase generation capacity and decarbonise the grid. Eliminating the use of passenger cars altogether would be the wrong approach given that for many people, particularly in rural areas and for medium-distance or multi-leg trips, the car is the only practical choice and will remain so.

Nevertheless sustainable travel initiatives will continue to have benefits for congestion and health. By also prioritising spending on key rail projects such as high speed rail and Crossrail, we will also be providing commuters and intercity travellers with attractive new options instead of the car.

Department for Transport
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