iKNOW Grand SectorsPrimary sector (10)Changing natural resources into primary products, such as extraction and production of raw materialsSecondary sector (12)Manufacturing and transformation of raw or intermediate materials into goodsTertiary sector (57)Providing services to consumers and businesses, including knowledge-based services, such as information generation and sharing, information technology, consultation, education, research and development, financial planning, etc.
Activities of EU Member States with Regard to the Reform of the Public Research Base
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This report provides evidence on the reforms in the research base since 2000 in universities and public research institutes, and highlights the most significant trends in terms of regulations, poli...
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Assessing scenarios on the future of work
Assessing scenarios on the future of work 
In this paper will be discussed different types of scenarios and the aims for using scenarios. Normaly they are being used by organisations due to the need to anticipate processes, to support ...
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Bronchiolitis Obliterans and Food Flavouring Agents
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A Report by the Industrial Injuries Advisory Council in accordance with Section 171 of the Social Security Administration Act 1992 reviewing prescription for Bronchiolitis Obliter...
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Business R&D in Europe: Trends in Expenditures, Researcher Numbers and Related Policies
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In order to identify trends in business R&D, this report makes use of available, notably those regarding business expenditures on R&D (BERD) and a number of resear...
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Business Rate Supplements: a White Paper
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This White Paper sets out the Government's proposal to introduce a power for localauthorities and the Greater London Authority (GLA) to raise and retain local supplementson the natio...
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CfWI Future workforce matters - Issue 1
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A tri-annual digest of current workforce issues, including items examining: the aims and ambitions for the CfWI's new approach to horizon scanning; the social care workforce requiremen...
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