iKNOW Grand SectorsPrimary sector (10)Changing natural resources into primary products, such as extraction and production of raw materialsSecondary sector (12)Manufacturing and transformation of raw or intermediate materials into goodsTertiary sector (57)Providing services to consumers and businesses, including knowledge-based services, such as information generation and sharing, information technology, consultation, education, research and development, financial planning, etc.
Your passport to the future!
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Discover Futures Diamond's Suite of Systems for Research and Innovation (R&I). Futures Diamond's R&I solutions are powered by Diamond Frame, a ...
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Skills for growth: the national skills strategy
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A White Paper dated from November 2009 laying out how equipping people with skills and training can help grow the economy and help the UK get out of recession.
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Code/Space: Software and Everyday Life
Code/Space: Software and Everyday Life 
After little more than half a century since its initial development, computer code is extensively and intimately woven into the fabric of our everyday lives. From the digital alarm clock that wa...
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Malaysian Foresight Magazine: myForesight (1st Edition)
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Welcome to myForesight, Malaysia’s first national level initiative dedicated to the study and application of Foresight in prospecting technology for business. It provides a common platform...
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iKnow Conference - Brussels, 27-28 October 2011
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The iKnow conference will present the new methods and tools developed by iKnow to support foresight, horizon scanning and forward-looking ac...
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(Space monitoring of Earth Atmospheric Ozone) “Space Monitoring of Earth Atmospheric Ozone” was written as part of the activities of the Asher Space Research...
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