iKNOW Grand SectorsPrimary sector (10)Changing natural resources into primary products, such as extraction and production of raw materialsSecondary sector (12)Manufacturing and transformation of raw or intermediate materials into goodsTertiary sector (57)Providing services to consumers and businesses, including knowledge-based services, such as information generation and sharing, information technology, consultation, education, research and development, financial planning, etc.
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Novel Materials in the Environment: The case of nanotechnology
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A White Paper submitted in 2008 by the Royal Commission on Enbironmental Pollution regarding the case for using nanotechnology with reccommendations for Government policy.
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Recession Britain: Findings from economic and social research
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Britain has now been in recession for over a year.Why has it happened now after more than a decade and a half of steady growth? When is the economy likely to turn around and recovery begin? How can...
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The Power of Science - Economic research and European decision-making: The case of energy and environment policies
The Power of Science - Economic research and European decision-ma... 
This book highlights the interaction between science and politics and between research in economics and European Union policy-making. It focuses on the use of Quantitative tools, Top-down and Bo...
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