Non-Western Innovation Boom: Biotech in China

Non-Western Innovation Boom: Biotech in China

Originally submitted by Vanessa Watkins
last updated by Rafael Popper

Weak Signal's progress: advanced

This Weak Signal came from: 
European Commission Framework Programme for RTD

The theme/scheme related to this Weak Signal: 
Theme 8 - Socio-economic Sciences and the Humanities

The sub-theme that best relates to this Weak Signal: 
Blue Sky Research on emerging issues and other research economies

Weak Signal's description 
China invests vast amounts of resources into research programs in order to foster basic research and applied science, in particular concerning the sponsorship of future technologies such as biotech. The budget of research institutions and universities has grown with an annual growth rate of 20% recently. This development and other contributing factors such as the local presence of high-skilled scientists, a supporting regulatory environment and low costs of research give rise to the establishment of China as a powerful research location. This is especially true for the biotech sector and is encouraged by an ongoing settlement of international pharmaceutical companies.