Putting the NO on InNOvation

Putting the NO on InNOvation

Originally submitted by Vanessa Watkins
last updated by Rafael Popper

Weak Signal's progress: advanced

This Weak Signal came from: 
European Commission Framework Programme for RTD

The theme/scheme related to this Weak Signal: 
Theme 8 - Socio-economic Sciences and the Humanities

The sub-theme that best relates to this Weak Signal: 
Blue Sky Research on emerging issues and other research economies

Weak Signal's description 
In the beginning of 2009 the American cereals manufacturer Post came up with a new campaign under the tagline “Why we put the NO in Innovation.” By emphasizing the 100% natural ingredients and the fact that the product has not changed for centuries, Frank Duff – a fictional CEO – motivates his employees to be proud of the lack in progress and innovation their company and their product have shown over the years.