3D video holography brakethrough

3D video holography brakethrough

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European Commission Framework Programme for RTD

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Theme 3 - ICT - Information & communication technologies

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Components, systems, engineering

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Wild Card's description 
The 3D holography is only one known technology that can capture a full 3D scene in a single shot, including phase information, and re-project that light field perfectly thus overcoming all of the above disadvantages: holography. All other techniques are only 3D under a whole host of conditions (e.g. the user has wear special eyewear, the number of simultaneous viewers is limited, or else encode only a small number of distinct different views of the 3D scene is encoded. Unfortunately, conventional holograms were not dynamic. Nevertheless, it was discovered, that by replacing the conventional holographic plate with a digital camera and an optoelectronic 2D screen, the holographic video can be captured and displayed. The new technogy proved itself as reliable, simple and cheap. Therefore 3D holography became the leading 3D video technology in broad range of applications including scientific video documentation, car navigation as well as entertaining movies.