Thanks to algae Australia becomes biggest energy producer in the world

Thanks to algae Australia becomes biggest energy producer in the world

Originally submitted by Tuomo Kuosa
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European Commission Framework Programme for RTD

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Theme 2 - Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology

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Socio-economic research and support to policies

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Algae production begins around the world in all available sunny offshore areas, and in many inland bonds and lake areas by 2020’s. Australia becomes the biggest algae biofuel producer in the world. Big companies, small and medium size companies, countries, ministries, municipals, NGOs, military units, churches, farms, and landlords are all trying to get their share of the markets. Many countries, regions and villages which used to be dependent on imported energy and clean water sources suddenly became energy self-sufficient and energy exporters. Algae biofuel can be used on electricity production, and electricity can be further used for purifying clean water from seawater. At the same time many ex-oil producing countries loose almost all their income. Many Middle-East countries collapse economically, socially and politically and this arises big geopolitical tensions already in a short run.