Media distribution based on satisfaction of users

Media distribution based on satisfaction of users

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European Commission Framework Programme for RTD

The theme/scheme related to this Weak Signal: 
Theme 3 - ICT - Information & communication technologies

The sub-theme that best relates to this Weak Signal: 
Pervasive and trusted network and service infrastructure

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Weak Signal's description 
The predominant candidate for current trend of multimedia services convergence with mobile/fixed networks and broadcast-interactive applications is the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS). IMS entails novel business opportunities for pioneering and emerging multimedia services; such as IPTV and VoIP video call applications. However, this strong commercial interest on this promising convergent IMS environment is balanced by the lack of efficient user/customer-centric network management mechanisms. The ADAMANTIUM project therefore proposes an IMS-compatible Multimedia Content Management System (MCMS) focused on performing dynamic cross layer adaptations for optimisation of the user experience in terms of perceptual quality for IPTV and VoIP services.