Ancestors’ Second Life influences our First Lives

Ancestors’ Second Life influences our First Lives

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People are encouraged to record advice, conversations, and memories – and thought processes and structures of feeling - to be used in the event of brain damage or death. In the latter case, these can be used as resources for descendants to stay in contact with (simulations of) the deceased. Expert systems enable real-time simulation of responses to evolving situations, so the virtual ancestor can stay up to date. Ancestors start to populate social media, after first just being available in "living tombstones", and many people take their views as of primary significant in making real-world decisions. Though denounced as a new cult of ancestor worship, the popularity of such systems accelerates following celebrity endorsements and some instances of life transformation through the intervention of the deceased. Eventually the virtual ancestors become able to initiate activity, not just respond to requests for advice. Problems arise as they begin to network among themselves, to forge alliances and new family unions.