Geoengineering “solves” carbon problems but…

Geoengineering “solves” carbon problems but…

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European Commission Framework Programme for RTD

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Theme 6 - Environment (including Climate Change)

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Pressures on environment and climate

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Geoengineering "solutions" to deliberately reduce the effects of continued greenhouse gas emissions can destabilize global and regional climates - and also the political and legal framework. Among many possible examples: A fleet of cloud-maker ships is launched by a consortium of benefactors, NGOs and offsetting companies, in order to produce large quantities of white clouds which block solar radiation. These aim to bypass the stalemate of international negotiations on targets and market mechanisms. However there is controversy on the effects and side-effects: uneven costs and benefits across geographical areas and different industries. There is economic damage to many sectors: there are attempts to sabotage or appropriate the tools for military use. Some stakeholders are outrages at the moral hazard effect which allows carbon emissions to continue, and seek to restrict the use of such systems over regions where they have sway. Criminal activities are also possible: corruption and bribery, plus some of the ships are taken over for use as pirate bases or as pawns in political struggles.