1M€ reparation cost per civilian death in conflicts

1M€ reparation cost per civilian death in conflicts

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European Commission Framework Programme for RTD

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Theme 8 - Socio-economic Sciences and the Humanities

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Conflicts, peace and human rights

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Wild Card's description 
Revelations of massive numbers of civilian deaths in conflict zones where Western countries are active lead to the rapid growth of a well-organised social movement (using Facebook and Twitter and other web technologies) to campaign to institute reparation costs per civilian victim at around 1Million Euros. These arrangements are used by state actors: for instance, the Iraqi government might take legal actions against coalition forces – this would mean a massive payout (more than 150Billion€ reparation, given that over 150K civilians have been killed since 2003). Other governments that have also been affected by armed conflicts would start preparing similar reparation lawsuits, with controversies arising around time limitations and criteria of responsibility for casualties.