Migration of internet services in pervasive ICT environment

Migration of internet services in pervasive ICT environment

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European Commission Framework Programme for RTD

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Theme 3 - ICT - Information & communication technologies

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Components, systems, engineering

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Weak Signal's description 
The objective of FP7 project OPEN is to provide ICT users with migratory interactive services, which enable them to change interaction platforms and still continue their tasks through an interface adapted to the new context of use. The benefits of this type of ICT services are multifaceted: migration can be used to improve user experience by switching to a more suitable device (bigger screen, better resources) and/or to a communication channel that can guarantee better quality of service (shorter delays, higher bandwidth). But there are also risks connected to this model of computing – different types of malware would be able to migrate between interaction platforms as well and they would be able to continuously track and endanger the user everywhere and everytime.