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Transport (including aeronautics)

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The Transport theme has a total budget of € 4.3 billion. The central objective of transport research under FP7 is to develop safer, ’greener‘ and ’smarter‘ pan-European transport systems that will benefit all citizens, respect the environment, and increase the competitiveness of European industries in the global market.

Emphasis is given to the following activities:

1. Aeronautics and air transport

  • reduction of emissions, work on engines and alternative fuels,
  • air traffic management, safety aspects of air transport,
  • environmentally efficient aviation

2. Sustainable surface transport - rail, road and waterborne

  • development of clean and efficient engines and power trains,
  • reducing the impact of transport on climate change,
  • inter-modal regional and national transport,
  • clean and safe vehicles,
  • infrastructure construction and maintenance, integrative architectures

3. Support to the European global satellite navigation system

  • Galileo and EGNOS
  • navigation and timing services,
  • efficient use of satellite navigation 

Emerging themes and issues

Transport of goods and materials, and mobility of individuals, is something that most of us take for granted, and we anticipate that these will be accomplished safely and effectively.  But in a world of rising energy costs, congestion of major traffic arteries, and rapid change in the industry landscape as new players enter the global scene, these expectations cannot be taken for granted.  Even social exclusion becomes an issue, as an ageing population creates a higher proportion of people unable to legally drive vehicles themselves (even when they can afford them).  The place that transport takes in the European future is unclear, though its importance is assured.  Relations to healthy, environmental concerns; applications of new ICT and energy technologies; and industrial competitiveness – these are all issues that loom large in the context of this topic.

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