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Key Factors Driving the Future Information Society in the European Research Area
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FISTERA (‘Foresight on Information Society Technologies (IST) in the European Research Area’) is a thematic network. It was launched by DG Information Society to support the creation...
Uploaded by: Rafael Popper    Date upload: 9/12/2010    Views: 823
The catalogue of disasters of the futures researchers from Tel Aviv
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Unofficial translation of an article about ICTAF and its work for iKnow
Uploaded by: Nicholas John    Date upload: 12/7/2010    Views: 415
iKNOW Scanning Strategies
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The iKNOW Project required the development of four horizon scanning strategies: inward-looking top-down or ILTD (where over 2,00...
Uploaded by: Rafael Popper    Date upload: 10/7/2010    Views: 472
Foresight Brief No. 044 Foresight for Mobile Radio Spectrum 2020
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This brief is about a study on the Future Mobile Markets and Services that employed a Foresight approach. The role of the study was to provide a robust and realistic understanding of future dema...
Uploaded by: Rafael Popper    Date upload: 6/7/2010    Views: 225
Foresight Brief No. 043 Youth Futures Germany 2020
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'Jugend denkt Zukunft' was setup to make this vision come true and translated directly into English it means 'young people are thinking about their future'. This single issue foresight exercise ...
Uploaded by: Rafael Popper    Date upload: 6/7/2010    Views: 253
Foresight Brief No. 037 New Zealand Future Watch 2025
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The goal of this initiative is to alert the government to new scientific knowledge and technology and understand the opportunities and risks that they present for New Zealand. The ambition is to...
Uploaded by: Rafael Popper    Date upload: 6/7/2010    Views: 446