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Cutting Carbon, creating growth: making sustainable local transport happen - White Paper
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In the Budget, the Chancellor pledged to make the tough choices that will allow us to maintain investment in new and existing infrastructure which will support a growing economy, while eliminati...
Uploaded by: Clare Degenhardt    Date upload: 26/1/2011    Views: 997
Scenarios for future scientifific and technological developments in developing countries 2005-2015
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SCOPE 2015 was a European Commission funded initiative aimed at producing scenarios for research and technology development cooperation with Europe. The project had three major objectives: (1) To p...
Uploaded by: Rafael Popper    Date upload: 25/1/2011    Views: 1231
Creating an Innovative Europe
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This report presents a strategy to create an Innovative Europe. Achieving this requires a combination of a market for innovative goods and services, focussed resources, new financial structures and...
Uploaded by: Rafael Popper    Date upload: 26/1/2011    Views: 1064
The digital switchover help scheme: a scheme agreement between Her Majesty's Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport and the British Broadcasting Corporation revised agreement
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A white paper dating from December 2009, dealing with how to handle the switchover from analogue to digital broadcasting in the UK.
Uploaded by: Clare Degenhardt    Date upload: 26/1/2011    Views: 594
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The previous government's proposals laid out  in 2008 regarding the issues of party funding and spending, in light of Sir Hayek's review.
Uploaded by: Clare Degenhardt    Date upload: 3/2/2011    Views: 405
The National Security Strategy of the United Kingdom Security in an interdependent world
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The aim of this first National SecurityStrategy is to set out how we willaddress and manage this diverse thoughinterconnected set of security challenges andunderlying dri...
Uploaded by: Clare Degenhardt    Date upload: 3/2/2011    Views: 411