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iKnow Interviews (2011)
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This interview report provides a fascinating compendium of insights from 66 experts on STI, ERA and FHS issues. Section 2 provides an overview of the nature of WI-WE issues discussed in the inte...
Uploaded by: Rafael Popper    Year of publication: 2011    Date upload: 18/10/2011    Views: 3132
iKnow Conference - Brussels, 27-28 October 2011
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The iKnow conference will present the new methods and tools developed by iKnow to support foresight, horizon scanning and forward-looking ac...
Uploaded by: Rafael Popper    Date upload: 8/10/2011    Views: 2982
myForesight: Malaysia's National Foresight Magazine
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Malaysia's National Foresight Magazine Cover Story: Foresight in Action - Greening the Future thorugh Malaysia Biomass Initiative Table of Contents - Envisioning Asia 206...
Uploaded by: Rushdi Abdul Rahim    Date upload: 15/9/2011    Views: 2279
Youth, Unemployment, and Exclusion in  Europe: A Multidimensional Approach to  Understanding the Conditions and Prospects  for Social and Political Integration of Young  Unemployed
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The research aims at providing new knowledge on the causes, processes, and perspectives for change related to social and political exclusion of unemployed youth. It provides an integrated app...
Uploaded by: Ivan Montenegro Perini    Date upload: 4/6/2011    Views: 1338
Climate change, hydro-conflicts and human security: Achievements of and Gaps in current policies
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Climate change poses several threats to human security. Hydro-climatic hazards such as droughts and floods have the potential to trigger or exacerbate social tensions, intra- and inter-state con...
Uploaded by: Ivan Montenegro Perini    Date upload: 4/6/2011    Views: 1355
Mapping Foresight Competence in Europe: The EUROFORE Pilot Project
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The last decade has seen a proliferation of Foresight exercises across Europe. Focused upon, among other things, science and technology, sustainable development, industrial competitiveness, and ...
Uploaded by: Rafael Popper    Date upload: 4/6/2011    Views: 2155