Effective Research and Innovation Agendas to Takle Societal Challenges
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The Strategic Energy and Technology Plan (SET-Plan) laid down a strategy to use research and innovation (R&I) to green the EU energy sector while ensuring the security of supply and increasi...
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Recession Britain: Findings from economic and social research
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Britain has now been in recession for over a year.Why has it happened now after more than a decade and a half of steady growth? When is the economy likely to turn around and recovery begin? How can...
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University-industry cooperation in the Research Framework Programme
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Using data from FP6, this report provides a description of the main observable patterns in the budget allocation to university-industry cooperation (UIC) projects versus other forms of collaboration.
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Innovation Tomorrow
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Innovation policy and the regulatory framework- making innovation an integral part of the broader structural agenda - Innovation is not just based on research, or science and technology. Innovat...
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An Invitation to Shape the Nature of England - Discussion Document for the White Paper
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The White Paper on the natural environment will be a bold and ambitious statement outlining the government’s vision for the natural environment, backed up with practical action to delive...
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Hidden innovation in the creative industries
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Innovation has been a subject of serious academic and policy interest for several decades. The 'creative industries' have been studied for a shorter period of time, but perhaps more intensely. Howe...
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