Activities of EU Member States with Regard to the Reform of the Public Research Base
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This report provides evidence on the reforms in the research base since 2000 in universities and public research institutes, and highlights the most significant trends in terms of regulations, poli...
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Challenging Europe's Research: ERA Rationales
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This report presents a rationale for a European Research Area that has a clear purpose which is meaningful to Europe’s citizens and political leaders and relevant to its key actors. While ...
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Europe's top research universities in FP6: scope and drivers of participation
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This report characterises the participation of top research universities in the Sixth European Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP6) using bibliometric indicators.
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Evaluating Foresight: Fully-Fledged Evaluation of CTFP
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The Foresight wave is growing. Interest in using Foresight exercises to inform policy-making in science, technology, and innovation (STI) is continuing to extend around the world. It now seems s...
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iKnow ERA Toolkit (2011)
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This ERA Toolkit on “Applications of wild cards and weak signals to the grand challenges and thematic priorities of the European Research Area” aims to be a source of reference and i...
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iKNOW Newsletter 1
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iKNOW is a new project launched by the European Commission. It aims to advance knowledge and tools related to events and trends potentially shaping - and shaking - the future of science, technology...
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