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Discover Futures Diamond's Suite of Systems for Research and Innovation (R&I). Futures Diamond's R&I solutions are powered by Diamond Frame, a ...
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Code/Space: Software and Everyday Life
Code/Space: Software and Everyday Life 
After little more than half a century since its initial development, computer code is extensively and intimately woven into the fabric of our everyday lives. From the digital alarm clock that wa...
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Skills for growth: the national skills strategy
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A White Paper dated from November 2009 laying out how equipping people with skills and training can help grow the economy and help the UK get out of recession.
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Scenario Thinking
Scenario Thinking 
Practical Approaches to the Future. This book presents new methods in scenario thinking, based on a mix of high-level research and top-level consultancy experience. ...
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Malaysian Foresight Magazine: myForesight (1st Edition)
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Welcome to myForesight, Malaysia’s first national level initiative dedicated to the study and application of Foresight in prospecting technology for business. It provides a common platform...
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Sustaining sustainability science: The role of established inter-disciplines
Sustaining sustainability science: The role of established inter-... 
The establishment of new interdisciplinary fields such as ecological economics, human ecology or technology assessment can be interpreted as a logical consequence of striving for new sustainabil...
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