Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Agenda 2020
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Agenda 2020 is an ambitious plan to position Ireland as a global knowledge leader, a society with scientific and engineering research at its core, driving economic, social and cultural developme...
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iKnow ERA Toolkit (2011)
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This ERA Toolkit on “Applications of wild cards and weak signals to the grand challenges and thematic priorities of the European Research Area” aims to be a source of reference and i...
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Youth, Unemployment, and Exclusion in  Europe: A Multidimensional Approach to  Understanding the Conditions and Prospects  for Social and Political Integration of Young  Unemployed
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The research aims at providing new knowledge on the causes, processes, and perspectives for change related to social and political exclusion of unemployed youth. It provides an integrated app...
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Malaysian Foresight Magazine: myForesight (1st Edition)
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Welcome to myForesight, Malaysia’s first national level initiative dedicated to the study and application of Foresight in prospecting technology for business. It provides a common platform...
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Putting the Frontline FIrst; Smarter Government
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A White Paper dating from December 2009 dealing with 'strengthening the role of citizens and civic society; recasting the relationships between the centre and the frontline and between the citiz...
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Towards a Sustainable Transport System Supporting Economic Growth in a Low Carbon World
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This document has three aims. Firstly, it describes how the Government isresponding to the recommendations made in the Eddington study to improvetransport’s contribution to eco...
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